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(I'm so glad I'm able to finally log in oh my god.)

First of all, please let me thank to anyone who participated, and apologize for my lateness. I know there’s no excuse and it was very rude, but please, hear me out! …No? Ok. Anyway, here’s what happened for the curious!
(feel free to skip this part pfft.)
The first weeks it was me being very, very sick so I just stuck to one personal site mostly (I was feeling the worst, but I’m back on my meds and financially supporting myself which is great so I’m doing great), and the weeks after I realized I had lost my access to DA. …DA isn’t joking when they ask you to update your e-mail for a current one. Goddamn. So, basically that, I’m incredibly sorry about how long it took me to get to you. Sometimes I wondered about asking a friend to contact all of you in my place, but that sounded just bad. At least now both of my dA accounts work, bless. I’m pretty sure no one cares about this haha (or shouldn’t), so let’s go to the fun part!

--Please notice, that even if you didn’t place, you do GET prizes as a thank you for joining!



You can pick either:
A)150 points
B) 50 points and a drawing of your character.
(This one can be anything, from a fullbody colored sketch to a shaded headshot. …WHO KNOWS. Dun dun dun.)

Please send me a note specifying exactly which one of the options you want, and in case you want the second one (I wouldn’t recommend you submitting humans to me, I have close to zero experience with them lmao;; If you decide to, I'll asure you I'll do my best to deliver a good picture!), link me to a reference of your character.

The Winners


This was so hard. Incredibly hard. Neither me or my roommate (I couldn’t do it alone after all lmao) had any idea of what to do hahaha, literally every single entry is gorgeous and pictures the character so well. Even you didn’t place, please keep in mind that it was really, really hard to pick only three, so your piece most likely kept me up at night wondering which one should pick because literally all of them are lovely. …HERE I GO.

---Third Place

This piece was on my mind for so long once it was submitted, it’s just so, so pretty. I love the atmosphere it gives, the detail is just incredible, and so is the idea! We’re all used to animals climbing on trees, but street light? That’s the cutest thing. Not to mention how elaborate the background is, especially for how big it is! Just wonderful.


-300 points
-Headshot picture of your character
-50x50 Pixel
(I'll throw in some extra to make up for the wait!)

---Second Place

The choice of colours on this piece is lovely, my first thought upon seeing it was “If tomorrow I woke up and there was a comic/tv show involving these characters, this is totally the kind of art I’d love for it to have” haha. It looked to me like a screenshot taken from a cartoon show, the style looks great, and the way the characters interact (and the colours, I’m seriously not over it) make me happy just by looking at it.

-400 points
-Headshot picture of your character
-Surprise Drawing!
(I will, of course, throw in some extra to make up for the wait.) 

---First place 

Unexpected Snow (Contest Entry) by Burlew
This one was submitted at last minute and made everything crumble because I thought that maybe I had an idea of which ones should place ahaha…
It’s… basically what I said on the comment, all the effort really shows, the perspective is amazing and the job with the coloring and all the details is incredible. They both look so peaceful it makes me wanna be there.

-700 points
-Shaded+BG picture of your character
-Headshot picture of your character 
-Surprise Drawing!
(And I will, of course, throw in some extra to make up for the wait.) 


(which everyone probably expected.)
nothing like good coffee in the morning and music by chiitsutsu
I recall :iconchiitsutsu: joining my past contest, and I have to say I’ve always always always loved that coloring, and this one is not the exception! Everything looks so soft and happy, and the character’s personalities are spot-on, totally one of my favourite pictures of these two.

-{{surprise amount of points}}
--{{surprise drawing /wink}}

…And I think that’s all! Thank you a lot for joining, it was really, really fun!

Winners, please send me a note with your character references and I’ll reply by sending points and starting on your pic! ´v` (just please be patient as I finish it lmao, it’s gonna be a lot, but I’ll get them done.)

I hope this has been enjoyable for everybody, despite the issues, as it was for me. Especially the issues involving me and my lateness. I’ll make sure that won’t happen again. 

Thank you everybody for putting up with me. I’ll start answering my messages now.

Please be sure to check out the other entries, all of them are amazing, and have a lot of effort!
Down in the club! by Gaararoxmysox13<da:thumb id="416580909"/>Contest Entry: Xiik by VictiniLook over here yo by chiitsutsuSprout by Jaylighte

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