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"if you're going to let a piece of fan art ruin your favourite character, that's your problem."

TL;DR: people who make hate groups or whine and cry because "EUGHH YAOI IS BAD ):" need to stop being fucking babies about fictional characters. Yes, yes, I used to react like that whenever I found something I didn't like. But then I turned 9.
You have no idea of how ridiculous you look, even for people who don't like, or have no interest in 'yaoi'. I promise you look hilarious.

Please keep in mind that I love het pairings as much as I like gay pairings, or probably more.
Yaoi ruins fandom!
Lemme see. Yaoi/slash is totally wrong and it's runing the fandom, because we're mixing pairings that aren't engaged or shit like this. So naruto x sasuke is totally wrong, because they're just friends.
But, hey, sakura and sasuke are just friends too, and that's perfectly fine!

No one owns the fandom, though. It's not yours to decide what belongs and what doesn't.

Yaoi is offensive, you're not respecting the creator!
How's being homosexual offensive.
By the way, naruto creators should NOT CARE.
They're not going to stop your sacred series just because someone drew characters kissing. DON'T OVER REACT. You're acting like a kid. Series are going to stay the same with or without slash.
I'm totally against compairing yaoi with IRL homosexuality (because you can like yaoi without being gay) but, if you think being "gay" is offensive, you're the only one being offensive here.

Naruto isn't gay.
First, your favourite character is not straight just because is not gay. I won't hear any "BUT HE'S NOT GAYY!!11" stuff unless the character says it so. Plus, even if they're not gay, there's something called FANTASY.
Slash fans know their stuff, guys. They know a character might not be gay in canon, but welcome to the internet: it's all about fiction and imagination.

If you like yaoi/slash, you're homosexual and I'm not gay, is my pride, huh!
Of course NO. I loooove hetero pairings, being Suzaku/Euphemia from Code Geass one of my favourite pairings, and I'm not even straight. If you have any Russia x Belarus fanart/fanfic, please contact me, because that's totally my favourite het pairing, haha.
Feeling atraction to some gender doesn't mean I can't like tv shows.
Fictional =/= reality.

Liking south park yaoi, Fullmetal Alchemist yaoi or something involving minors is liking child porn!
One of the most retarded arguments ever. Yeah, because an anime picture equals a live breathing children with family, friends and feelings. Plus, people increase their ages for a reason. If you search for SOUTH PARK YAOI or ROY X ED, be sure you're not going to get two childs fucking. Try, go ahead.
If liking South park characters hugging makes me pedophile, then liking the picture of two wolves hugging makes me a zoophile. That kind of logic dear god. I can enjoy stuff without wanting to fuck it. I worry about any person who can't see the difference between reality and fiction. Child porn involving living, breathing kids is wrong. When people are involved in criminal, harmful acts, is a bad thing, especially if they are children.
Getting angry at pictional pictures of something that does not even exist and therefore, cannot suffer is plain ridiculous. Just because a person likes gore does not make them a potential assasin.

Yaoi = porn, just for pleasure.
Actually, no. I mean, yes, it involves sex, what it doesn't is called BL or Shonen-ai. BUT. Currently, yaoi involves sex but it can also involve love. Yaoi is the


short term for yama-nashi ochi-nashi imi-nashi, meaning 'No climax, no point, no meaning', yes, but actually most of yaoi involves plot.
Don't believe me? Search for some yaoi mangakas, like Takanaga Hinako or idon'tevenknowhername, well, Junjou Romantica's author; notice how all of these mangas are long as hell, with a crapload of chapters and volumes and whatnot. They're yaoi because it invlves sex, but the main subject it's still the plot and how x character fell in love in a cliche way with y.
It's like the word 'homophobia' (and no, word has nothing to do here, I know you can dislike yaoi without dislike gay people, but I can't find an obvious example like this so bear with me = = ), literally means 'fear of homosexuals' but today the meaning is 'hate to homosexual people'. Shonen-ai is boys love without sex. Seriously, you people sound funny when you try to correct fans who actually even knows manga release dates, manga artists birthdays and stuff. We know what yaoi is, and is more than sex. It implies sex, but it's more than that.
An example of YAOI is junjou romantica, but an example of SHONEN-AI is gravitation.

slash is wrong just because is wrong!
And you're wrong just because you're wrong!

But yaoi is in everywhere! That's because yaoi is wrong! I demand a yaoi censor here like the 'mature content ones'
Then, if I demand for a crybaby block. Because, seriously, anti-stamps are on everywhere. Anti-stamps are overrated in the same way. Get over it.
This is a community and if you don't agree with something, you're free to leave. I go for Animal Liberation Front and you don't see me desperately crying because, big deal, I found an image involving meat, fur, or eggs. No.
I deal with it, and you should, too. because that's what a community means. Different points of view. You have no idea of how ridiculous you look making a mess because someone likes fucking fictional character kissing.

fun fact #1 - You can't 'save the fandom'. If you think south park yaoi is ruining your fandom or the original series, then go clic here to watch your beloved series, or join a het-pairing group and stfu. You can look SERIES ARE NOT INFLUENCED BY THE GAY STUFF I DRAW IN MY NOTEBOOK.

fun fact #2 - We are not 'ruining your childhood'. Your childhood is gone, your childhood is meaningless. Shut up and keep living.

fun fact #3 - IN FACT, hate galleries shows a big lack of talent, most of times. Screenshots, motivationals posters, poorly drawings screaming 'i'm not gaeehh!'... that's not effort, guys. Some people is actually putting some effort in their works, and if you can't appreciate it, it'd be a good idea to respect it.

I don't care if you like "yaoi" or not. But so what is someone likes it?
As long as they don't turn weeaboo-ish, it's fine to me. I'm sorry if you missed the day in kindergarten when they taught every child to respect the others, but it's still not a valid excuse.

fun fact #4 - I like writing long stuff.

Let's respect each other, no matter our point of view.
Let's live and let live.

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January 17, 2011
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